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Bad Brood Rising is Tournaments Legal

by Ross Fertel, Classically Rocked

29th April 2024

Bad Brood Rising, the latest set for Tribbles, is tournament legal today! There are new powers along with powers seen earlier this year vis the 2024 Organized Play Promos in new denominations.

100 Tribbles - Organize

Lock existed as a 10, allowing you to prevent everyone from scoring points by activating a tribble power unless they go out. This power can now be used at 100.

Organizelets you create a 'side pile' of sorts, being placed next to your play pile. At the end of the round, you can put it in your play pile and score 10,000 points, provided you didn't do anything silly in the interim. The most popular card from the 2024 Organized Play Promos is now available in denominations of 1 and big money 100,000!

We've seen Party before, but now we have one worth 1,000.

Keeping with the theme of not getting too crazy with the funny business, Hate was at the 10,000 level, taking some time before you can Skip a player who scored points on their previous turn. The power can now be used at 10.

New powers include Validate, which further encourages a diverse slate of powers, Charm, which keeps discard piles static excepting Recycle, and Discord which prevents some annoying issues, including being on the losing end of an unintended Battle.

Bad Brood Rising's twenty-two new cards are tournament legal as of today, just in time for Tuesday Night Tribbles. Who knows what you can achieve with them! This set would not exist without a plethora of volunteers behind the scenes getting them ready and we thank them for their work.

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