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Trippy, man!

by Maggie Geppert, Tribble Princess

7th May 2024

100k Tribbles - Control

In 2015, The Continuing Committee released the expansion Tribbles Royale. In this set, they introduced the Trouble pile. This side deck is an optional way to control the metagame for some of the most popular and powerful Tribbles powers. In this set came two powers to manipulate the Trouble pile. The first is Reset, which allows you to shuffle the pile. The other is Shift, which will reveal the next Trouble in the pile. With the release of Bad Brood Rising, we have a new power that keys off these two powers and fits in with the theme of the set, Control.

If this tribble is in your play pile at the end of the round, score 10,000 points for each Reset or Shift tribble in your play pile plus the “miss” value of the current trouble (not cumulative with other 100,000 Control tribbles in your play pile).

This power encourages you to play with the Trouble pile in two different ways. The first way is simply by giving you an incentive to include Shift and Reset in your decks. Strictly speaking, you don't need to be playing the Trouble pile for this one, but having those powers in your deck is otherwise a dead draw. The second way is by allowing you to score the "Miss" value of the current Trouble in the pile. This could be a big win if you shift into ...In the Astrometrics Lab, ...In the Computer Core, or ...At Quark's Bar at the end of the round. (Note the timing here: player(s) goes out, round ends, Trouble shifts, and then points are scored.)

In today's deck, I decided to pair the Trouble pile with a Dance deck. I have never successfully scored points from this power in my life. There are two cards that help it out. 1000 Reveal allows you to place a card anywhere you want in your play pile, which is convenient for getting Skips and Reverses in the right place. ...In the Holodeck will allow you to reorder your whole play pile when you play a Skip or Reverse. I will be using the Shift and Resets to get this Trouble on top as much as I can. I'm curious to see how well this works tonight.

If you've been itching to try out the latest Tribbles set, come out tonight for Tuesday Night Tribbles! We play every Tuesday at 9:00 pm Central time (currently -5:00 UTC). We use Lackey and Zoom for our games. All information about tonight's game is here in the tournament listing. This one features the Trouble pile, so those of you still Achievement hunting for some of them that require the ...with Troubles rules set should come out and join us!

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


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Draw Deck (55)
58VT5x 1 Tribble - Clone & Reverse
157V5x 1 Tribbles - Reset
93V5x 10 Tribbles - Shift
60V6x 10 Tribbles - Skip
26V3x 100 Tribbles - Clone & Skip
27V4x 100 Tribbles - Recycle & Reverse
166V3x 100 Tribbles - Shift
167V5x 1,000 Tribbles - Control
148V4x 1,000 Tribbles - Reveal
68V1x 10,000 Tribbles - Masaka
97V5x 10,000 Tribbles - Reset
69V1x 10,000 Tribbles - Reverse
70V1x 10,000 Tribbles - Skip
174V3x 100,000 Tribbles - Control
50VT4x 100,000 Tribbles - Dance
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