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The Power of 2: Romulans

by Ross Fertel, Remus

9th May 2024

The Continuing Committee is focusing on the Bell Riots of 2024 with their Organized Play Promos. For Second Edition, they all focus on personnel with a printed cost of two. The Committee is supporting this in several ways, going so far as to have not one but two series of tournament promos that all cost two covering all affiliations. Let's go deeper as we look into each affiliation/ faction and see how these personnel can improve play.

Disclaimer: While Benjamin Sisko and Julian Bashir are key cards in several decks, this series will look at all the cards for the affiliation/faction. Note that your mileage may vary.

Bochra, Loyal Centurion

When the Romulans came in the first set, they had scenes from Nemesis which was released roughly a week before the cards. However, due to previews, we got to see them before the movie came out.

Having more counters to spend is always a net win. Bochra, Loyal Centurion can get you an additional counter each turn, but you will want him out early to maximize the effect. He is horrible late game if you are relying on his ability.

The Romulans love their events. There are some from the initial set that are still beloved and played to this day. Vreenak, Scornful Senator is unique but will give you a discount on the next event you play, of which the Romualns have no shortage.

Onscreen in two key episodes of The Original Series, the Romulans have a storied history in the Franchise. Keras, Creature of Duty Is able to put a card in your opponent's hand if you can get a sense of what is in their deck. As good as this is for the past Romualns, it is even better for the affiliation overall since they like having information at their disposal. They do get the card, but you can get so much more.

Praxus is another Romulan from the past, but he has a drawback; his amazing eight attributes across the board go down as your opponent has cards in their hand, making each play count a bit more.

B'Etor, Romulan Conspirator is able to bring is a stopped Romulan affiliated personnel when she herself is stopped, rptoectign some more key elements at your disposal.

Leodis is a Reman from Enterprise who just has good skills all around while Thexor is more modern. If you want to go big with your ships, Nevala can get an attribute boost. You could also just go with the Romulan mainstays of D'deridex and let the non-unique Rasul boost the range.

A very sneaky race whose tactics come through on their cards, the Romulans would like protection for their two cost personnel with the 2024 Organized Play Promos.

Let us know in the thread below, how dos the Romulans come out with Project Sanctuary? Which card benefits the most? Which deck?

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