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What`s Coming Up for 2E...

by Tjark Ott, Staff Writer

26th May 2024

What`s Coming Up for 2E...


The next set of errata will continue updating missions from Second Edition bringing those missions in line with the new standard (title/subtitle). Three other missions from Call to Arms and Captain`s Log will see similar changes in addition to some changes to prep for an upcoming release.

Four personnel will be changed to update their wording. This is due to planned new promo versions and is standard for that type of re-issue.

Upcoming Releases:

Project Galen, which introduces the new Vidiian affiliation, has passed playtesting and is in production now. We are monitoring upcoming tournaments closly to make sure the release of this set will not impact the tournament season.

Project Hamlet has begun initial playtesting. A while ago, for a number of design reasons, we decided to seperate [TOS] and [E] icons. We will remove the [E] icon from the existing [TOS] [E] cards. At the same time we will make sure, that the strategies which use such personnel are not crippled by this decission. One of the major overlaps with those icons were Paranoia-related cards. While the [TOS] side will develop it`s own version of Paranoia interaction, we also have a number of new [E] cards that will maintain and enhance their identity. In addition, several other Intelligence-related stories are also explored.

Several other projects could vie for the next slot in the lineup. Ideas include a spiritual successor to the Tenth Anniversary Collection or Tacking Into the Wind with ships and commanders, a second community driven effort, an amalgam of smaller designer pitches, and a revamp of the KCA.

In early 2025, we`re celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Trek Voyager. We think you`ll enjoy the gift to fans of that show. Finally Project Samuel is currently in the works to add the Xindi to the 2E stable. You can exspect the Xindi to add a new and unique flavor to the game. A design team consisting of several designers with different backgrounds and focuses is already hard at work on this project.

Tjark Ott, Director of Second Edition

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