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Harvesting 101

by Dereth, Honatta to Kaiser

28th May 2024

Great news Vidiian fans!

I've recently started working as Honatta for Johannes Klarhauser (Kaiser on the boards). No, don't worry, he doesn't have the phage! However, I am helping to acquire spare organs to give away as prizes at the upcoming Kaiserfest VII (Saturday 17th August).

He has also made a helpful Vidiian based video, as part of his "Tuesday is Dilemma Day" series, featuring an exclusive card from Lifesigns.

So go check out jkkaiser on YouTube!


Save a Life
Modern Medicine allows many of us to donate our organs to others and save lives. Across the globe, signing up as an organ donor is one of the most helpful things any of us can do. Along side our release of Lifesigns, we want to promote organ donation to highlight this essential lifesaving option. Please take a moment to read over Helping Save Lives With Organ Donation by Andreas Rheinländer and consider becoming an organ donor.

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