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Home is Where the Heart, Lungs, Liver, Spleen and Brain Are

by Dereth, Native of Vidiia

31st May 2024

Rebuild Society

For two millennia, the Vidiian Homeworld, once a hub for education and exploration, was repurposed as a mecca of medicine. The phage was consuming our bodies, destroying our genetic codes and cellular structures. Organ transplantation became our greatest tool to battle the dreaded phage. We would try to extract viable organs from the dead where possible, but as our needs continued to escalate, and to resolve our our people's immediate needs, a more aggressive stance was required by the Sodality.

But now, thanks to our friends in the Think Tank, a cure has been developed. Instead of focusing on urgent triage for those suffering from the phage, we have begun to rebuild our underfunded artistic and social programmes. Congregating in groups is no longer strictly regulated, allowing us to reignite our people's passion for team sports, especially as so many of us now have new found reserves of energy that used to be expended on battling disease. Our beautiful Homeworld can become a vacation spot for off-world travellers again, keen to explore new vistas without risking an organ or two being stolen!

Apart from a focus on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to restore our natural athletic physique and handsome features, the only remaining sign of our former lifestyle now is what remains as the defining legacy characteristic of the Vidiian affiliation in First Edition, as represented in Lifesigns. Although, today's new cards (and Monala, seen on Monday) do start to represent the evolution of the Sodality into aspects of the game!

So what else can I say about Rebuild Society? Apart from hoping that this amazing image will soon be available in foil for me to take back with me to the Delta Quadrant? Well, like most Homeworlds, it isn't directly attemptable by members of the Sodality, but instead for visitors from our new friends in the Alpha Quadrant: The United Federation of Planets or the Klingon Empire. However, HQ: Secure Homeworld does allow members of the Sodality to complete it. And if our colleagues in the Think Tank help complete it, it can net a lucrative (and yet Homestead compliant) 35 points.

And as a Homeworld, it also provides a haven from attack courtesy of Strategema, or military support via HQ: Orbital Weapons Platform. It also allows you to play HQ: War Room for CUNNING and STRENGTH attribute enhancements for your Vidiian OFFICER, SECURITY and Leadership personnel. And it promotes valuable trades - such as with prized commodities like Gold-Pressed Latinum or works of art like Starry Night.

Think Tank Assistance

Of course, many players may also be expecting a Headquarters facility to accompany Rebuild Society. However, with our Superior Surgical Techniques providing us little need for further free report mechanics, and additional free plays could potentially invalidate the carefully sculpted balance that the design team have crafted around this new Vidiian expansion.

But I would also be remiss not to also mention again our sincere gratitude towards our Think Tank brethren. Which is reflected in today's other new card: Think Tank Assistance, which grants our Think Tank friends the true freedom of Vidiia and to walk amongst the Sodality as citizens of our Homeworld! This not only vastly increases the unique personnel options available to Vidiian players, but adds another option for attempting Rebuild Society!

So I invite you all to visit our beautiful Homeworld: Vidiia! With absolutely zero risk of any unwanted organ donation...

Save a Life
Modern Medicine allows many of us to donate our organs to others and save lives. Across the globe, signing up as an organ donor is one of the most helpful things any of us can do. Along side our release of Lifesigns, we want to promote organ donation to highlight this essential lifesaving option. Please take a moment to read over Helping Save Lives With Organ Donation by Andreas Rheinländer and consider becoming an organ donor.

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