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Lifesigns Releases Today!

by Ross Fertel, Reelased

7th June 2024

The latest set for First Edition, Lifesigns, releases today! This 'booster shot' to the Vidiian affiliation gives us twenty new cards and there is a special treat in the expansion file for you.

Enhance Treatment Research

For one, we have a conclusion to the 'Think Tank Trilogy' in the set. A week ago, you saw Think Tank Assistance which gave that group a way to attempt the Mission Rebuild Society, also known as Vidiia, along with their own homeworld itself. Moreover, the Think Tank personnel are now entirely Vidiian affiliation. When they solve, there is an extra five points in it.

Enhance Medical Treatment has almost the exact same wording for its bonus except for allowing Klingons to join in on the fun. The skills are a little more varied, allowing for more opportunities to solve and get the bonus. As with Rebuild Society, the points are there for the taking giving you seventy points between the two. The Klingons have attemptability icons on both missions but only get the bonus on the latter, though there are about a half dozen there that can get the bonus as they have the required skills printed, and that's just looking at those native to the Delta Quadrant.

The final card revealed is one you might have guessed the inclusion of if you are on Facebook; Daughter of Miral. The literal other half of Lt. Torres, this is a dual affiliated Klingon and Vidiian personnel. Her skills are not that far off from B'Elanna, Daughter of Miral from Holodeck Adventures though she brings a lot to the Vidiian table. V.I.P. classification for one and a way to Rescue Captives if your opponent went that route.

The best part is that you do not have to choose between her and Lt. Torres as they can both be in play at the same time. These waters were tested a bit with Bones with two instances of a persona on one card back in Second Star to the Right, but here we have the opposite as each one specifically allows the other to coexist in play. She adds another female to the Vidiian ranks and has two great attributes for the affiliation as a whole.

Lifesigns releases today and is tournament legal in one week on June 14. This expansion would not have been possible without the efforts of Rules, Creative, Art, Proofreading, Programming and scores of playtesters.

Save a Life

Modern Medicine allows many of us to donate our organs to others and save lives. Across the globe, signing up as an organ donor is one of the most helpful things any of us can do. Along side our release of Lifesigns, we want to promote organ donation to highlight this essential lifesaving option. Please take a moment to read over Helping Save Lives With Organ Donation by Andreas Rheinländer and consider becoming an organ donor.

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