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Star Power

by Charlie Plaine, Lifesigns Designer

3rd June 2024


Chakotay never worked for the Vidiians! He shouldn't be [Vid] at all!

Chakotay should be [Fed] with a Vidiian infiltration icon!

He should at least be dual affiliation [Fed] / [Vid]!

Why not make a new character and say he was the guy used as the model for Chakotay's makeup?

You know, none of the above comments are wrong. It really is a weird decision to have Chakotay in Vidiian makeup as a [Vid] personnel. The Continuing Committee has done similar things before, like a [Kli] Prisoner Archer or a [Car] version of the Jean-Luc Picard persona. We have a history of occasionally bending the story to put cards in different affiliations. So you might ask, if we knew that some players would be upset about [Vid] Chakotay, why did we do it?

Put simply, we did it because we needed to do so. We're making a game, and sometimes - pretty rarely, in the case of First Edition, the needs of the game come before staying true to the story. Vidiians needed some recognizable faces - we said as much in our original design outline. Vidiians also just needed more personnel. I can promise you that every single one of the objections from this top of this article were made internally, and we tried variations of all of them. At various points, this card was [Fed] / [Vid], he was [Fed], and he wasn't Chakotay. But in the end, the needs of the game outweighed the demands of the story. In a game where lore and story control so much of the content, we try very hard not to make these kinds of choices. But it this case, it was exactly what we needed.

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