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June 2024 First Edition Game Changes

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

10th June 2024

With apologies for the delays, allow me to skip the pleasantries and get right into the meat of this update. Today, we are issuing errata to 2 cards that enable a massive amount of bonus points: Assign Mission Specialists and Preserver Obelisk. Those are the only changes we are announcing today, with no changes to the Modern Ban List or Watch List. But before I go over the details, please join me in thanking the hard working volunteers of the Department of First Edition. Our artists, balance experts, writers, testers, and rules masters work very hard to keep the game state happy and healthy. Please give them a shout out on the forums to let them know they are appreciated!

Now, let's get into the game changes:

Modern Ban List
There are no additions to the Modern Ban List in this update, nor any cards being removed from the list. However, the Balance Team and our testers are working hard to remove more and more cards from the ban list in future updates.

2 cards that have historically generated a lot of bonus points are being limited with today's errata:

Preserver Obelisk
Today's errata retains most of the functions of this card, but reduces the amount of points it can generate in a game. Now, this seedable doorway allows just 1 "native" personnel to score points each mission. Here is the new gametext:

Seed one on table in facility phase; if you have no personnel in play, you may download up to 2 different [OS] personnel who name in lore a planet you seeded. Once each mission, score 5 points when such a personnel helps solve the planet mission they name. You may not seed Assign Mission Specialists. OR Plays to download such a personnel if no copies you own are in play.

Assign Mission Specialists
Today's errata retains most of the functions of this card, but reduces the amount of points it can generate in a game. Instead of allowing each mission specialist to score 5 points at each mission, now only a single mission specialist can do so. Missions that used to generate 15 or 20 bonus points with AMS will now only generate 5. There are also a few minor wording changes to clarify or modernize the card. Here is the new gametext:

Seeds or plays on table. You may download to one of your outposts up to two different mission specialists (personnel whose only skill is a regular skill) if no copies you own are in play. Once each mission, your mission specialist may score 5 points when they use their skill to meet a mission requirement. You may voluntarily discard objective at start of any of your turns. (Unique.)

Thus ends the First Edition Game Changes update for June 2024. We apologize for the delays in getting this update out to you. We will update the site with the errata images and a printable PDF as soon as possible. Our next update will be Monday, July 1st; this will be the final update before Worlds at the end of August.

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