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Lineage: Explore Your Lineage Today!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

29th June 2012

Today the Continuing Committee is proud to announce the release of Lineage, the tenth standard size Second Edition virtual expansion. The high resolution PDF containing all fifty-four (54) cards is available for download from the Lineage section of the card list, as well as the high resolution pack art.

Lineage promises to put increased value on the species in your deck, and provide new and powerful cards for the struggling Dominion and Ferengi affiliations. Featuring nine (9) new dilemmas, nine (9) new missions and over two dozen new personnel, Lineage promises to shake up deck building for the rest of our competition season!

Lineage is tournament legal for sealed events immediately, but not does become legal for constructed tournament until one week from today - July 6, 2012. Check out TCC's tournament listings to see if there's a Lineage release event in your area!

Live long and prosper, and enjoy the new cards released today in Lineage!

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