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2012 World Championships Global Side-Events Challenge

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

30th July 2012

The Continuing Committee is excited for the upcoming 2012 World Championships, being held for the first time in Australia. We're exceedingly proud of Australian Organized Play Coordinater Matthyas Kiraly and his entire team for the exceedingly difficult and amazing work they're doing in preparation for September's big event.

It's been our honor to reward the dedication and perseverance of the Australian players who have stuck with the game during its lifetime and who have never had a chance to play in such a prestigious event as the Worlds. And as disappointed as our European and North American players might be about the difficulty, expense and length of the trip to Australia, let's not forget that same difficulty has squarely on the shoulders of the Australian players for the past fifteen years.

In order to "spread the love" and make sure the epic Worlds weekend of Trek is enjoyed by all, we're happy to announce that in addition to the 2012 Worlds Dream Team competition (coming soon), we are also going to be running a second competition, one that ALL player groups around the world can participate - the Global Side Event Challenge!

2012 World Championships: Global Side-Event Challenge
The Objective - Win a First Edition, Second Edition or Tribbles tournament from the 5th to the 9th of September 2012

The Prize - A chance at one of five sets of the three exclusive World Championships 2012 virtual promos!

How to Enter - All you need to do is register your event in the Tournament system, and post all the results by Sunday the 16th of September 2012. Your event must be sanctioned in any of TCC's sanctioned formats. And please, feel free to advertise your event in the Local Tournaments forum.

After September 16th, we'll randomly draw the name of five (5) winners from the events held during World Championship weekend, and those lucky tournament champions will each receive a full set of all three (3) World Championship promos!

But what are those virtual promos, you ask? Take a look:

The Art Department continues to amaze! So don't lose heart if you weren't able to head down under for this year's big event. Just ask your local TD to schedule a tournament (or two) during World Championship weekend (the 5th through the 9th of September) and you'll have a chance to win a set as well!

Don't forget to have your local TD requisition a tournament kit from The Promenade so you can walk away from your events with promo foils, skill buttons, and the chance to win our Worlds promos!

And if you don't have a local TD, don't dispair - anyone can run an event! Just schedule your own event in our tournament system and call over your friends! It's free to run tournament and it takes almost no time at all! (And once you've run a tournament, you'll be eligible to requisition your own tournament kits!)

For more information on the Global Side Event challenge as part of the Road to Worlds 2012, please PM stoovie, or alternatively, post your query in the World Championships forum.

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