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Achieve New Goals at GenCon and at Home

by Rogue Shindler, Achievement Master

3rd August 2012

Disappointed you can't make it to GenCon this year? Does the siren song of North American Continentals have you lamenting your lack of travel plans this month? Well you don't need to be in Indianapolis to have some extra Star Trek CCG fun!


On August 17 (the Friday of GenCon weekend), the achievements team is pleased to bring you the third "expansion" of the Achievements program. These new achievements continue to broaden some of the new areas created in our last release, including Block achievements, cloak hints, TD achievements, and dilemma achievements.


We also appreciate the patience of the player base as we've adjusted achievement triggers to align with the new Organized Play formatting system. Most of the kinks have been worked out now, and the realignment has also presented us the opportunity to reward your patience withsome new types of format achievements in the new system.


We will of course be filling in the Deck Design section with some new and interesting deck archetypes with which to try your hand at playing and winning, as well as some achievements that reward you for NOT using certain batches of cards. We'll be adding a new cycle of HQ combos in the vain of the Strange Bedfellows cycle to try teaming up some bitter enemy HQs.


We are introducing a new section of achievements called "PvP" which will grant achievements based on your performance against new and diverse players as well as your traditional nemeses. In addition, we've created a new, limited-time only "Decay" Achievements that will go live with the current achievement set, and expire at some future date, so you'll need to act fast!


We look forward to spoiling a few more achievements for you next week, and discussing the full release on the 17th.

And... (*pssst* don't tell those pesky GenCon attendees, but you'll have a better chance than them of getting new achievements sooner! You can customize your deck for the weekend's tournaments after the achievements release; they have to hope they can get something with just the decks they brought with them!)

Either way, there is plenty of Trek fun to be had by everyone GenCon weekend!

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