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Introducing: The 2E Rules Tool

by Tyler Fultz, Second Edition Rules Master

14th August 2012

Today, it is my pleasure to debut a new system for sharing rules knowledge within the 2E community: the Rules Tool. This system has been partially online for close to a year and many of you have seen the “related ruling” links appearing next to cards on the cardlists. The new features coming online today can be seen here and can be accessed via the new link on the main page.

The first new feature is the ability to scroll the list of rulings published by the Rules Committee. As new rulings are added, they will appear at the top of the page. The second is the ability to print all of the rulings and carry hard copies to a tournament. All tournament directors are encouraged to have these on hand while making rulings at their events. The third function is the ability to search the system for applicable rulings. I encourage everyone to try the new system and submit ideas for improving it on the 2E Gameplay forum.

One final note: the Rules Committee cannot be everywhere, nor envision every rules dispute that will occur at an event. Therefore, the Current Rulings Document and the Rulebook will remain the only official sources of rules. The Rules Tool is an unofficial way for the RC to inform the community as to how it would rule at an event. TDs are encouraged to use the Rules Tool in making rulings, but TDs remain the final authority at their events.

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