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Jordan Leung, 1E Brand Manager, to Spearhead Rules Master Search

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

31st August 2012

Jordan Leung, the Continuing Committee's First Edition Brand Manager, will spearhead the search for a new First Edition Rules Master. As part of this process, he will be taking over from Chairman Charlie Plaine the responsibilities of Acting Rules Master. This will allow him to work with the existing Rules Committee to ensure that any emergency situations are handled properly; in addition, this role will ensure he works closely with the Selection Committee to identify and select the best and most qualified candidate.

Because of this transition, the deadline for applications for First Edition Rules Master has been extended until Wednesday, September 12, 2012. Candidates that have already applied will be considered, but this extra time allows those that need more time to ensure their applications are entered and processed successfully. The application can be found at this page; questions can be directed to the Gameplay (1E) forum.

The Continuing Committee is dedicated to providing top-notch support to our communities and to finding the most qualified volunteers for our open positions. With Jordan spearheading the search for 1E Rules Master, we are confident it will be done.

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