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Homefront III is Now Available

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

7th September 2012

Though Homefront and Homefront II were each released at GenCon, The Continuing Committee was unable to make it a three-peat for 2012. Instead, however, we're releasing Homefront III during the Worlds Weekend in Australia and that's today!

Available for free download at trekcc.org, Homefront III features thirty-six (36) new, converted and reprinted cards for First Edition. The expansion and all cards within will become tournament legal in all formats next week, on Friday, September 14, 2012.

Also effective that date, Homefront III joins the "Core Block" of Block Format and will be legal in the current and all future block format tournaments. This will be updated in the Organized Play Guide with the next revision, but Homefront III is block legal effective 9/14/2012.

No matter what format, what card pool, and what preference you have for playing First Edition, Homefront III will bring something new to the table - even if it's just an AI reprint of a staple card. Today, thirty-six (36) new cards join the core block and are free to download here at trekcc.org! Fire up your printers and start cutting - good luck to everyone!

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