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Engage! Available Now!

by Jordan Leung, First Edition Brand Manager

2nd November 2012

The Coninuing Committee is pleased to present Engage. Available for free download at trekcc.org, Engage features 53 new First Edition cards and is the second set in The Next Generation block. Engage introduces the Romulans to block format and also features exciting new cards for many different affiliations to use in any format.

Please take a moment and consider making a donation in order to thank the many dedicated designers, testers, artists and other volunteers that worked on bringing you this expansion. You can donate any amount to The Continuing Committee via The Promenade. If you do, you can earn our newest donation badge:

Donations of any amount ensure that we can continue to provide you a top-notch website and customer support for years to come.

This expansion will be tournament legal one week from today, on Friday, November 9, 2012. Look at the tournament listings to see if there is an Engage release event near you!

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