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Welcome Our New Writing Team Manager

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

16th November 2012

After a long and exhaustive search, we are proud to announce the appointment of J. Austill, a.k.a. The Mad Vulcan, to the position of Writing Team Manager. J will be taking over from David Runyon, who had been covering the position for some time.

J had the following to say about accepting this position:

"It is my goal to bring the Writing Team up to the formidable par set by the other CC teams. This includes increasing the overall output and drafting new contributors from all corners of the three games."

"I am quite honored to have been selected as the new Writing Team Manager not only because it means hours of editing enjoyment but also because it will allow me to honor the work of the other volunteers by showcasing their achievements with embroidered prose."

Our goal is to ensure that new content for all three games, catering to all player types and experience levels, will be featured regularly on the front page. We are confident that J will do an outstanding job in managing the workload and staffing levels of our Writing Team.

And speaking of the Writing Team, we are currently looking for volunteers to writing article and join the team as either Freelance or Staff writers. If you like writing and have a passion for First Edition, Second Edition, or Tribbles, check out the article on the volunteer page to see how to apply.

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