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Chief Ambassador Takes Control

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

20th November 2012

Our Ambassador Corps is made up of dedicated and passionate volunteers from all across the global community wanting to help grow the game. Initially, we believed that management of these volunteers could be handled by existing staff within The Continuing Committee; however, we quickly realized that a dedicated position would be required to manage the workload.

Today we are proud to announce the creation of the Chief Ambassador position, and that the position will be filled by Jeremy Benedict, a.k.a. flrazor, effective immediately. As Chief Ambassador, Jeremy will be managing the flow of information to and from the corps and the Continuing Committee, as well as helping to ensure that we have Ambassadors in place in all Regions.

In Jeremy's own words:

"I am honored and humbled to accept the position of Chief Ambassador with The Continuing Committee. The best part of this game, to me, has always been the community of players. As an Ambassador I've had an opportunity to be an ear and a voice for the players around me and watch the community grow. As Chief Ambassador I'm looking forward to working directly with the other Ambassadors to gather feedback from the community at large and work to address any areas of concern or help identify needs to be filled. I'm very excited to be working for the CC, the Ambassadors, and the players to help make this great community even greater."

Ambassadors are the representatives of the CC in your local area, and also serve to keep us informed about the needs, wants and desires of the specific communities around the globe. If you are interesting in becoming an Ambassador for your Region, please contact Jeremy at flrazor@me.com.

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