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The Return of the Kit

by Dan Hamman, Shipping Manager

1st January 2013

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we are bringing back tournament kits for 2013. Today, we are proud to announce the details about those kits and their availability.

Tournament kits can be requisitioned by any tournament director that has run a sanctioned tournament in the previous half-year. A tournament director may requisition one (1) First Edition kit and one (1) Second Edition kit per month; each kit carries a requisition cost of $30. Tournament kits can be requisitioned as of today via The Promenade.

The First Edition kits contain the following:

Likewise, the Second Edition kits contain the following:

Our new tournament kits are designed to accommodate a single large event, or multiple smaller events. In addition to the physical items contained in the kits, all sanctioned tournaments run and registered in our system will also earn virtual raffle tickets. Expect more details about the virtual raffle system very early in 2013.

Requisitions are being accepted now, and the expected shipping date for these new kits is mid-January; we fully expect all kits requisitioned in the first half of January to be in tournament director's hand by the first of February.

All questions about these kits, the requisition process, requisition limits and shipping issues can be directed to our Shipping Manager, Dan Hamman [SirDan] or posted on our forums.

Enjoy the new kits!

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