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Reminder: Virtual Card Policies

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

30th January 2013

Earlier today we were informed that Paramount has taken action against the professional printing of cards via a popular website designed to print custom "decks" of cards. Because of this action, we have taken action to ensure that the original copyrights are not being violated and have removed all references to such sites and cards from our forums.

We want to take this opportunity to remind everyone in our community that virtual cards are for personal use only. They are not to be professionally printed or produced and never, ever to be sold or bought. They are provided FREE of charge here on our website, www.trekcc.org, and can be printed for individual use only. We will not allow any posts on our forums regarding the professional printing and/or sale of virtual cards.

It is vital that we maintain these policies in order to continue to operate under the fair/fan use provisions of copyright law. The Continuing Committee does not condone nor allow the use of professionally printed virtual cards in any of its events. Virtual cards are for personal use only, to be printed and used only by individuals, and never for resale.

Questions or comments can be directed to us at continuingcommittee@gmail.com.

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