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Will of the Collective: Image Vote!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

13th May 2008

Three months ago, we started the Will of the Collective project - a community driven effort to design a card that would appear in an upcoming expansion. Well, now we're on Step 12 of that process, and it's time to put the finishing touches on the card - starting with the image.

In a landslide vote, the storyline idea that won was from Kevin "Hoss-Drone" Jaeger - Riker being consumed by Armus, from the Next Generation episode "Skin of Evil." This decision means that we can finally fill in the type and the cost of the dilemma: Consume Me! will be a planet dilemma that costs 2.

Before we can move on to your ideas for title and lore (though you should be thinking of them!), we need to decide the image. For logistical reasons only, we decided not to allow users to submit images. Instead, the design team has chosen four images for you to choose from - all that represent the moment chosen by the people. Here they are:

Consume Me! A
Consume Me! B
Consume Me! C
Consume Me! D

We have our favorite, but it's up to you to decide! Which image do you think best captures the moment you chose - Riker being consumed by Armus, from the episode "Skin of Evil."

To vote, head over to our Will of the Collective forum (make sure you're logged in) and choose the image you like the best! You have until Monday afternoon on May 19th to decide. This is your card - make it the way you want it!

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