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Pick Your Promos! We Want Your Help!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

14th February 2013

The Continuing Committee is dedicated to serving our entire community of players and our programs are designed to serve as many players as possible, as often as possible. One of our more popular programs is our Virtual Tournament Promos.

Dignitaries and Witnesses Dr. Soong

These promos are alternate image versions of existing cards that are created by our warehouse staff and provided for tournament directors to requisition for their events. Typically, we release a new "series" of nine (9) promos every half-year for both First Edition and Second Edition, in January and again in July.

We look at many different factors when deciding which cards to turn into virtual promos. Our Design Teams suggest promos that complement current or upcoming virtual expansions, and our Rules Committees make sure that nothing being watched is turned into a promo. Organized Play lets us know what people are playing, and our Ambassadors let us know what people are needing. And of course, we always look for promos that give our Art Team the opportunity to amaze us.

But one of the most important factors is the desires of the community, and that's what we're looking to find out today! We invite all of you to send us your suggestions for virtual promos, and we'll use that information to help shape our decisions!

If you'd like to participate, here's what we'd like you to do:

1. Create a list of your ideal set of nine (9) promos.
You can create a list for both First Edition and Second Edition, but only a maximum of nine (9) cards per list. You can use any criteria you like - it's your list of perfect promos.

2. Email your list to pickyourpromos@trekcc.org.

So take a look through our card lists and start drawing up your own list of promo choices! We'll compile all the lists and that will let us know what choices are popular and help us pick the promos you'll see in future tournament kits!

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