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Spotlight Contest Results: Cardassian Roster

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

12th May 2008

Another great response to a fun contest (and we apologize for the delay in posting these answers!) Congrats to our first responder, Mauro Povero, and our random winner, Heidi Johnson, both of whom will receive a Tragic Turn foil!

I wish to congratulate some of you on your "creative" submissions for words, as well. I think the top honor goes to Mr. Jared Hoffman, who pointed out that, in addition to Capture and Punishment, there was a third keyword in the puzzle: Q. Nice try, Jared!

Just for the record, you should have found the following words in your puzzle: Ari, Capture, Damar, Danar, Darheel, Dukat, Emok, Entek, Evek, Garak, Ghemor, Jasad, Lemec, Macet, Madred, Makbar, Mila, Moset, Naprem, Ocett, Parek, Prakesh, Punishment, Rusot, Seskal, Silaran, and Tain.

We hope you're enjoying these contests! Check back each week for more and more of them! There are still a lot more Tragic Turn foils to give away!

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