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The Time is Now! Matter of Time is Here!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

22nd February 2013

Starship Enterprise

Today the Continuing Committee is proud to announce the release of Matter of Time, the fourteenth Second Edition virtual expansion. The high resolution PDF containing all fifty-four (54) cards is available for download from the Matter of Time section of the card list.

Matter of Time is a temporally-themed expansion that focuses on some of the best time-travel and alternate universe stories in Star Trek lore, and introduces a new deck type in the form of the future ship U.S.S. Relativity and crew. Matter of Time also brings new Temporal cards and new cards that refresh or reinvigorate cards from the game's past.

Matter of Time is tournament legal for sealed events immediately, but not does become legal for constructed tournament until one week from today - March 1, 2012. Check out TCC's tournament listings to see if there's a Matter of Time release event in your area!

Celebrate the past, present, and future with Matter of Time!

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