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Managing New Achievements

by Rogue Shindler, Achievement Master

26th February 2013

For those of you keeping count, the achievements system has been online for two years now! It's been welcomed by the vast majority of players with open arms and has persisted in encouraging many players to try new and interesting decks with each new wave released. In fact, the enthusiastic demand has yielded no fewer than 561 achievements that can be earned by any single player.

Unfortunately, this means that we've gradually outgrown the existing structure for listing these achievements. Scrolling through a nigh endless list of achievements trying to find ones you need or confirm ones you have earned, sifting past decks you don't like or games you don't play to find what you are looking for has become increasingly difficult.

That is why a big part of the new release (Project Jeff) has been vastly restructure of the Achievements page. If you watched the video broadcast of the most recent Section 31 episode, you saw me give a sneak peak (around the 35 minute mark) of what the new organizational structure will look like.

You'll see there are the familiar tabs for Deck Design, Organized Play, and PVP achievements. Like achievements will still be grouped within each of these tabs, but now they will be within collapsible headings to avoid endless scrolling. In addition, you'll be able to filter the achievements you are viewing by game (All, 1E, 2E, or Tribbles), and earned status (Earned, Unearned, or All). This should prove particularly helpful when trying to make a deck to cover multiple unearned achievements!

In addition, there are two new sections: the New Achievements tab will show you the complete set of the most recently released (visible) achievements, so you can see what's new without picking them out of a crowd, and the Recently Earned tab will let you keep up on all of the achievements you picked up within the last month.

That is not to say that Project Jeff is without new achievements! We have plenty of new 1E, 2E, dilemma, and Tribbles deck achievements to try earning. Side deck content, multiple characters played by the same actor, and a shift in the ratings alignment are just a few of the things you have to look forward to later this week. Project Jeff will go live on Friday, 1 March, so be ready for some last minute deck building and you can start earning new achievements that weekend!

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