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March First Edition Rules Update

by Jon Carter, First Edition Rules Master

4th March 2013

This is a big month for updates to First Edition rules; let's start by looking at the four (4) errata:


  1. Conundrum has received errata to match the updated ruling (see below) in order to avoid unintended interactions with this dilemma.
  2. Cybernetcis Expertise has been changed to limit the free reports to once per turn.
  3. Kobayashi Maru Scenario has been updated to correct a typo.
  4. Vulcan Tricorder has been altered to match the form and function of the [OS] equipment and eliminate an unintended interaction.


In addition to these errata, a number of rulings have also been made and now appear in the CRD:

Current Rulings

  1. The required actions ruling has been cleaned up to specifically allow ships to take necessary actions in order to cure conditions.
  2. A number of rulings have been added to define the difference between copies of cards.
  3. Conundrum has received errata and a rules change to invalidate the dilemma if the target leaves the spaceline.
  4. A clarification that "stopped" cards may not be "stopped" again to pay costs or activate abilities.


Finally, we have made updates to the rules for Revised format; specifically, we have eliminated the rule that requires solving an Alpha Quadrant mission or scoring extra points (as this now appears on You Are a Monument) and the rule allowing a Referee pile (as this has been replaced with Q's Tent: Civil War.

The First Edition Rules Committee is scheduled to release rules updates on the first Monday of each month, if necessary. This update takes effect immediately.

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