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Scheduling The First Edition World Championship

by James Hoskin, Director of Organized Play

9th March 2013

After we announced that this year's World Championships are taking place in Germany, a very passionate discussion about the scheduling of the First Edition Championship began on our message boards. While there is no way we can please everybody, we will still do our best to make this a memorable weekend for as many players as possible. We have therefore decided that we will ask for your opinion before we decide when the First Edition Championship will take place.

Below you will find a survey aimed at all First Edition players that are considering joining us in Frankfurt in October. Please tell us what day(s) will work for you, at what time you could arrive in Frankfurt, when you have to leave and anything else that you think is important.

Before you start to fill out the survey, here are a few things that you need to know:

We are not discussing dates here. The Championships will run from Friday, 18th October to Monday, 21st October. The room is booked, contracts are signed, and we are not going to extend or change the date.

The Second Edition Championship will take place on Saturday and Sunday. Last time in Frankfurt, day one took twelve hours to play all eight rounds, and day two took a similar amount of time from start to finish. Running another big tournament after these tournaments, i.e. during the night, is not an option.

We anticipate between 15 and 20 players participating in the First Edition World Championships. As such, there will likely be between four and six rounds in the main tournament. The finals could be held on the same day as the main tournament, or on a different day. They would likely be a knockout tournament between the top eight/four/two players (depending on attendance.)

Day one of the Second Edition Championship will require all the manpower we currently have available on Saturday. If players want any part of the First Edition World Championships to take place on Saturday, we will need at least one additional volunteer to sit out and act as judge. If you are interested in this position, please send a PM to thsch.

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