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European Continentals return to Vienna

by Julius Melhardt, Local Organizer EC 2013

20th March 2013

We already know that this year's journey for STCCG players in Europe will have its glorious final in Frankfurt at Worlds in October - but it will have one more highlight long before that, in July. The Austrian STCCG community is very proud to announce that this year's European Continental Championships will be held in Vienna, Austria from July 19th till July 21st. It's an honor for all Austrian players that The Continuing Committee deemed our red shirt attempt in 2011 so successful that a mere two years later we're allowed to invite you all once more!

We'll play all the games we love; First Edition, Second Edition, and of course the even more awaited ones: Biermeister and Tribbles. On Friday, there'll be some opening events starting in the afternoon, crowned by the Biermeister in the evening. Saturday will be reserved for Day 1 of the Second Edition Continental Championship, which will be concluded on Sunday (Day 2). Both the First Edition and Tribbles Continental Championship events will also be on Sunday. There'll be side events as well, so it should be possible for everyone to play the whole weekend.

Once more, we won't play in a hotel - we have the opportunity to play in a very unique location: The JAZZLAND, Europe's oldest Jazzclub. Drinks and snacks will be served at a special discount (EUR 1,-- for a standard soft drink, EUR 2,50 for a beer). You can sneak a peek at the club through the Hoskins' photo album from 2011 . The venue is located in the center of Vienna – you could for example visit St. Stephan's Cathedral during a BYE. Vienna is a very beautiful city, so you might want to take the opportunity and extend your stay.

As for the sleeping arrangements, there are about 5 hotels within 3 minutes of walking distance from the club. We're still making the final arrangements for a special discount at one of the hotels - details will be posted on the continentals board as soon as we have them finalized. For now, all I have left to say is that I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the European Continentals 2013 in my home city!!!

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