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First Quarterly 2013 Raffle Approaches!

by Dan Hamman, Shipping Manager

26th March 2013

"Did I win?"

On April 14th, tickets will be drawn from the bins in the latest iteration of the Continuing Committee's Raffle program. But the next important deadline for potential winners is March 31st. The lots will be locked, and no additional ticket entries will be allowed.

Note that this will only be the first of many raffles, so if you don't get your tickets in, you'll have another chance. Your tickets will not expire. But if there's something you covet, get your tickets to the right bin!

The link to the Promenade (above) will get you to the 2013 1st Quarterly Raffle. There you'll be able to see any tickets you've accumulated and a list of all available items.

Most importantly, you'll see your mailing address posted. Please confirm this address is correct! If you win a prize, it will be automatically shipped to that address. Thanks to the awesome work of our chief programmer (Chris), winning requisitions will go out quickly after the raffle.

The winners will be announced live in the Continuing Committee chatroom on April 13th starting at 2:00pm Pacific time. In addition to the lots posted, there will be several additional prizes for folks in the chat room.

We will use the popularity of each bin to determine what we put up for next quarter’s raffle lots. So vote with your tickets! And good luck to everyone!

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