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2013 World Championships Schedule

by Thomas Schneider, European OP Coordinator

28th March 2013

While we are still finalizing details about the side events for this years World Championship weekend, we can already announce the schedule for the main events. Based on your answers from the First Edition survey, we decided to spread out the events over the full four days to make sure as many players as possible can participate in the championship events. So the schedule looks as follows:

Friday, 18th of October
10:00 AM First Edition World Championship
5 rounds swiss followed by a Top 4 single elimination

Saturday, 19th of October
10:00 AM Second Edition World Championship Day 1
8 rounds swiss, Top 16 will qualify for Day 2

Sunday, 20th of October
9:15 AM Second Edition World Championship Day 2
Top 16 single elimination (best two out of three)

Monday, 21st of October
6:00 PM Tribbles World Championship

In addition to these "big" events, we will have various side events for all games during the whole weekend. So even if you are only playing one edition of Star Trek there will be plenty of games to play for you!

To make booking as easy as possible for everybody, we secured a room block at the Carat Hotel. Rooms from Thursday to Monday are available at a rate of 90 € per double room per night (including breakfast). Starting from Monday, the price will become significantly higher due to a trade fair taking place in Frankfurt. At the moment of writing, the rate is 190 € per night but chances are it will increase the closer we get to October. Booking can be made until the 1st of September by e-mail to reservierung@carat-hotel-frankfurt.de, quoting the booking code "Star Trek".

As Charlie has already mentioned, the Essen Game fair will start a few days after the World Championship has finished (on the 24th of October) and if you have some extra time (and money) left, this is a very good way to spend both. Information about the fair can be found at Internationale Spieltage. Direct trains to Essen (taking about 2 hours) leave Frankfurt Main Station multiple times per day.

If you have any questions or need help check out the Organized Play Forum, ask by PM to thsch, or by mail to EuropeanOP@trekcc.org.

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