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Big Tribble in Little Qo'noS Released!

by Dan Hamman, Tribble Breeder

2nd April 2013

100,000 Tribble - Draw

"They were an ecological menace." - Worf, Tribbles Anthropologist

The fifth Tribbles expansion is here! Today marks another glorious chapter of Tribbles history. But not so much for the warriors in the Klingon Quarter: One of the rival houses has released a plague of tribbles, and they will wreak havoc across the timeline! Klingons from all eras make their appearance in Big Tribble in Little Qo'noS, the new virtual expansion for the Tribbles CCG.

"A plague to be wiped out." - Worf, Tribbles Tactician

In this expansion, you'll find several old powers in new denominations. Utilities like Cycle and Exchange will let you get rid of cards in hand you may not need right away, and a targeted Draw may be just the thing to get you another turn.

Are there control players in your area, blocking you from playing Go? Now you have another option at 10,000! But watch out - every other player will have the opportunity to put a "big money" card in their play pile, too. Probably best to use it when you know you'll go out.

"If you feed that thing more than the smallest morsel, in a few hours you'll have ten tribbles then a hundred then a thousand." - Worf, Tribbles Biologist

Be warned! New cards like Replicate will alter the gamescape and make UtilizeAvalanchePoison, and similar cards slightly more risky. How will the Order of the Bat'leth celebrate if they win a Battle, but in doing so lose the round?

Here's how it works: If an opponent's card places a Replicate tribble beneath your play pile, you may choose any card from hand to put under your play pile. If an opponent's card places a Replicate on top of your play pile, another card from hand goes on top of you pile. If your Replicate tribble is discarded from hand or the top of your deck, you may place a card from hand in your discard pile, too. 

10,000 Tribble - BiJ

"They were once considered mortal enemies of the Klingon Empire..." - Worf, Tribbles Historian

Everyone needs more Captain Kavok in their lives. Here's your chance to help others out: Take the Challenge of the Klingon Sword, and make your opponents Experience BiJ.

Play enough of these, and you'll score points when anyone goes out. Note that they don't work in your own pile, so if one ends up there (via Battle or not executing the power) and you go out, you'll only score 10K for this tribble instead of 50K.

"They do nothing but consume food and breed." - Worf, Tribbles Sociologist

If you like to play against the odds, then Qapla' is for you. The chances are small, but the payout could be huge. 700,000 Tribbles will get you most of the way to being Born Pregnant . Success!

Another bit of fun that is sure to rile the Warrior's anger is Dance. Make the order of play bounce around the table, and if you manage to get the moves in the right order, you can cash out with the unhappy-looking Captain Kang. Beware though, there are ways for skipped players to get their revenge, and potentially shake up the table seating between rounds.



Big Tribble in Little Qo'noS is legal for Tribble events starting on April 9th. So get printing! There is likely a Tribbles Regional in your area - perfect for getting in a little practice before Worlds in Germany.

"The feeling's mutual." - Worf, Not a Tribbles Breeder

And there's one last bit of Tribble happiness this year: a revamped Tribbles Rulebook! Inside you'll find descriptions of all powers, with complete explanations for interactions with some of the more complicated cards like Clone and Copy

Happy breeding! Qapla'!

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