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Requisition Shake-Up

by Dan Hamman, Shipping Manager

1st April 2013

Over the past few years, the cost of building tournament kits has gone up. Foil material has been the biggest culprit, but postage and other expenses have also risen. The volunteers at the Continuing Committee Warehouse have been forced to pass that cost on to the Tournament Directors. Unfortunately, the last bump in pricing has pushed the kits over a level that causes delays and adds cost when shipping overseas.

Rather than break up the kits to smaller components (which causes logistical delays at the Warehouse), we have implemented a new requisition system to help alleviate the import burden. As with the Regional Kits, TDs will now requisition all Tournament Kits with a two-part order.

Part 1: The TD Pass

Eligible Tournament Directors - that is, Tournament Directors who have completed hosting a tournament in the last six months - will see three new items in the Promenade on April 2nd, 2013: TD Pass 1E, TD Pass 2E, and TD Pass TR. Each TD Pass is limited to one (1) per person per month; a TD could buy up to one of each type. The TD Pass is priced at $25 for 1E and 2E, and $5 for Tribbles. In the future, if we must raise prices again, this will be the number that goes up.

Part 2: The Tournament Kit

The completed requisition of a TD Pass will automatically allow the bearer to then requisition one (1) associated low-cost Tournament Kit. Each kit is priced at $5 (and this amount should not change). When the Shipping Team packs an order, the amount reflected on the Packing Slip will be that of each Tournament Kit: $5. As this is a separate order from the TD Pass, the total on the Packing Slip will match purchase records if such proof is required at customs.

Part 3: The Future

This same method will be used for Release Kits, and any other items that may show up in the Promenade. This new paradigm is implemented for both domestic US and international orders. Even though it isn't necessary for US (or Australian) orders, we feel a unified implementation is the best policy. We acknowledge that this will be a slight inconvenience to some players, but it will be a huge relief to our European, Canadian, and Asian communities.

The downside is a small increase in the fees we are charged to accept your payment, as we will be generating twice as many transactions. However we believe that this can be absorbed by the handling cost of the kits, and will be offset by combined European orders that no longer will be requisitioned and shipped separately.

Note that TD Passes are linked to each user account, so be sure that you are logged in to the forums before creating your requisition. TD Passes can be kept and not used, but Tournament Kits are still limited to one (1) each month, so Tournament Directors will be unable to bank their Passes and place an order for more than one of each kit type at a time. Also note that Passes are associated with Tournament Kits by type, so be sure to requisition the correct one, be it 1E, 2E, or Tribbles.

If you have any questions, please contact the Shipping Manager by PM. This effort was coordinated with the help of several European players and volunteers; we hope that it answers all of your concerns and we can get back to using the Tournament Kits for their intended purpose: to drive participation!

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