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Where is everybody?

by Chris Lobban, Code Monkey

16th May 2008

As you may've noticed, I haven't had much to say on the forums recently. I haven't done too much work on the Tournament system either, aside from a couple little things. Don't worry, that doesn't mean I've forgotten about your requests. I've got a long list of them saved somewhere, and will get back to them in due time. Instead of that, I've been working on another top secret project. Secret enough that even the CC doesn't know about it yet (they'll find out when they read this post, just like everybody else).

Yes, in our continuing efforts to remain above the crowd, and go "where no one has gone before", TrekCC.org has just gained another tool. Maps. Want to know where other players are? Find them on a map. Want to know where the nearest tournaments are, but tired of skimming through tables of text to pull our city names? Now you can find them visually instead.

How do you make this work? Well, here's how:

  1. Go to Update User, and find your house on the map. Or at least your general neighbourhood. Be as specific as you're comfortable with.
  2. Click on it so that a red marker appears, and then submit.
  3. Now go to the new Map screen. The map should automatically center on your house. By zooming out or moving the map around, you can find which players (in blue) or tournament locations (in yellow) are closest to you.
  4. Clicking on any player will show you their name, and a link to their tournament profile. Clicking on any tournament location will show you the name, address, and a link to their new host profile.
  5. Yep, I said host profile. This new screen will enable you to select a specific host (store, library, convention centre, whatever) and at a glance you'll be able to see where it is, what tournaments have been run there, and what tournaments are still upcoming for that location. You can also see which judges are running the tournaments, which players are winning them, and which decks they're using. So, at a glance you can find out what the strongest affiliation in the area is. Or who the local 'titan' is that you'll need to beat when you visit a remote store.
I'm sure there'll be more coming, and (judging by my experience with the tournament software) I'm sure you'll have lots of suggestions for me on how to improve it. So go to this thread to make them!

To get you started, here's a couple of the things I'm already planning to add:

I hope you enjoy the new toy! ;-)

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