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May Errata and Rules Updates

by Jon Carter, First Edition Rules Master

13th May 2013


Happy May all!

We have a fun slate of things for you 


The Borg Ship is off the ban list, on a new Self template and ready to terrorize spacelines once more.


We have a few new rulings for you

-A quick clarification of how "use as equipment" artifacts interact with Stone Knives and Bearskins.

- A ruling on what you can do with Tribunal of Q, and what you can’t.

-  A lot of the old Borg Ship specific rules have been moved to other places in the glossary and been expanded to include Self cards.

- A note for people who don't want to crawl through the boards: it was ruled on the message boards that you cannot switch mission requirements mid attempt (look for a formal CRD entry soon)

- Some clarification of the species rules

- Some small proofreading fixes of the glossary. 

Rules Documents

There is a new version of the Standard rules to help clarify what cards are legal.

The First Edition Rules Committee is scheduled to release rules updates on the first Monday of each month, if necessary. This update takes effect immediately.

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