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The 2013 Continental Championships are Approaching

by James Hoskin, Director of Organized Play

10th June 2013

In July and August, the Continuing Committee will be organizing Continental Championships at three venues around the globe. Read on to find out where you need to be to have a chance at winning the following promos:

First Edition
Second Edition

2013 Australian Continental Championships: July 4th - 7th

Good Games Hurstville
Unit 213, 7-11 The Avenue
Hurstville, NSW 2220

More details, including maps of the venues and a detailed schedule can be found in the forums. There is also a dream team competition, that anyone may enter.
Questions? Ask them here.

2013 European Continental Championships: July 19th - 21st

Franz-Josefs-Kai 29
1010 Vienna

More details, including a map of the venue and nearby hotels, and the schedule can be found in the forums.
Questions? Ask them here.

2013 North American Continental Championships: August 15th - 18th

GenCon - Indianapolis
Indiana Convention Center
100 S Capitol Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46225
United States

More details, including the schedule, can be found at our GenCon hub, and details about the last few places in our hotel block can be found in the forums.
Questions? Ask them here.

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