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Series F and Series X Promos Coming July 1st

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

21st June 2013

Starting on Monday, July 1st, 2013, our tournament kits will update to include the new promos from the upcoming Series F (for First Edition) and Series X (for Second Edition)! Every six (6) months, The Continuing Committee rotates new promos in and makes a new set of promos printable. However, because we did not introduce new promos in January, this will be the first set of new promo cards in a year!

Starting today, we will be showing you a new promo every day until they are all announced on the 1st. You can also tune into to many of our podcasts or by following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ for extra information!

In addition, we'll update this post as new promos are revealed so you can see a complete list at a glance:


First Edition

97 VP V'Ger
98 VP Listen to Section 31 for a spoiler of this promo!
99 VP ???
100 VP Kor
101 VP Maxwell Forrest
102 VP Check out our Facebook page for a spoiler of this promo!
103 VP ???
104 VP Tsunkatse Ship
105 VP U.S.S. Prometheus

Second Edition

0 VP 128 The Clown: Guillotine
0 VP 129 ???
0 VP 130 ???
0 VP 131 Field Studies
0 VP 132 Listen to Section 31 for a spoiler of this promo!
0 VP 133 Unimatrix Zero
0 VP 134 Covenant
0 VP 135 Follow us on Twitter for a spoiler of this promo!
0 VP 136 ???

These promos will be available in tournament kits via The Promenade starting on July 1st. Current tournament kits involving Series E and Series IX promos are still available, but in limited quantities. Stay tuned for the latest information!

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