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New Promos Available in Tournament Kits

by Dan Hamman, Shipping Manager

1st July 2013

H.M.S. Bounty

Just as the first Monday of July brings an update to the list of printable promos, it also brings a new set of tournament promos and kits.

We're proud to announce the new Series F First Edition promos:

And, of course, the new Series X Second Edition promos to match:

Tsiolkovsky Infection

Eligible tournament directors (those that have run at least one (1) event in the past six (6) months), will be able to requisition a TD pass from The Promenande for $25. Once a pass has been purchased, this will allow the tournament director to requisition their kit containing these new promos for $5, and they will start shipping out immediately.

These promos are available for tournament directors across the globe to requisition immediately, and will be up for grabs for the next six months. All of the cards in this series of promos will become printable next year, on July 1, 2014. Enjoy the chase and the new alternate image options!

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