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Two Cards, One Location

by Jon Carter, First Edition Rules Master

14th August 2013

Gather round my friends, and let me tell you a talke of missions laying atop of missions. 

Since the dawn of First Edition we have stacked missions atop one another.  

In the beginning, we stacked copies of the same mission and it was good. Then we stacked asymetric missions, new rules came forth saying that you only read your side on your copy and the glossary was content.

Eventually, from the land of Second Edition came missions that were the same location as other missions, but were not the same card. For a brief moment, chaos reigned in in the lands of First Edition. But the Converion Rules explained how to resolve this quandry, and the Glossary once again rested at ease.

Then, in the Fifth year of our Committee, a new set was proclaimed: Homefront IV!  In this set came a range of new missions (as well as other card types).  While all the missions looked fantastic, the people of First Edition were quick to note that some of these missions were new cards that represented the same location as those which came before!  These were native to First Edition and on the 1E template (looking fantastic I might add) meaning no mere conversion document could explain away the people's confusion.

Collect Omicron Particles

But in this time of great strife, the Glossary -- to whom we pledge our loyalty -- came foward and said "people of First Edition, I bring you these rules: Missions -- regardless of their edition -- may have personas! Stack them upon one another, read from only your side. While personas are bountiful each player may only have one of any given persona. One may not switch personas, lest they be violating my rules."

Order once again reigned in the land of First Edition, and there was much room for new and interesting design. The Glossary saw this and was content.


What this means in practical terms (for the full list of changes look below):


And remember my friends, "We pledge our loyalty to the Glossary from now until death." 

"Then receive this reward from the Glossary. May it keep you strong."


The Words of the Glossary -- may it keep us strong.

New Entry: missions - persona - Some missions represent the same location in the Star Trek universe. Two missions are instances of the same persona if they are duplicates (copies); or if they have the exact same location text, the bold text in lore. Some examples: 

You may not seed, nor include in your seed deck, more than one instance of the same mission persona, unless that mission is universal.

Altered Entries:

Mission replace paragraph 4 and the beginning of paragraph 5 with this:

You may seed multiple copies of missions
with the universal [univ] icon, but only one
copy or version of a unique mission persona (without the
icon); if a unique mission is a copy or version of
one your opponent has seeded, stack your
mission card on top of his/her to form a single

Mission cards are designed with relevant
information facing both players. A summary
of the mission faces your opponent;
complete information faces you. Sometimes
the information facing your opponent is
intentionally different from the information
facing you. Unless otherwise specified by a
card, each player is affected by the
following only on the end of the mission
facing him (and only on his/her copy, if both players seeded a copy or version of the mission) ... 

Missions: Mission II:

Delete everything in paragraph 3 before "Cards that specifically work..."

Persona - Persona replacement add bold text and cross reference to new mission persona rules

(Facilities and Missions may not be exchanged.)

Conversion Rules
Missions: Delete paragraph 2.

Also delete the following entries: 
Deliver Ancient Artifact
Investigate Alleged Murder
Observe Kazon Ritual
Obtain Advanced Technology

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