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Third Quarter Raffle Bins Open

by Dan Hamman, Shipping Manager

11th August 2013

As of this afternoon, the bins are open for the 2013 Q3 Raffle. Head over the to the Promenade to look over the prize list!

Raffle tickets are automatically generated for running, winning, and participating in Continuing Committee sanctioned First and Second Edition tournaments. Raffle tickets are also rewarded as part of a Premium Membership.

Here are two important dates:

Players in the chat room during the drawing will be eligible for additional prizes, ranging from Tribble Foils to 1E tournament foils, to a Foil 0P72 Dukat (Military Advisor). So come out that Saturday and watch the live stream to see if you win!

One last note: When placing your tickets, you'll be prompted to enter your address. Shipping forms are auto-generated, so please confirm your address. Prizes that bounce back to the Warehouse will be rolled into the next raffle!

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