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Virtually Assimilated

by Niall Matthew, Staff Writer

19th August 2013

Assimilate Homeworld

As a few of you may know, I've always had a soft spot for the Borg. When I got 'the call' to write up about one of the three non-missions in Homefront IV, I jumped triumphantly in the air, accidently hitting my fist on the roof...


Assimilate Homeworld first appeared in First Contact and was one of the first Objectives to be released. It is also one of the more potent Borg only Objectives.

It allows the Borg player to target any Homeworld mission for assimilation, but they also need to have the matching counterpart in play. The standard way to achieve this is to report a 'ready made' counterpart like Locutus of Borg or Brunt of Borg. (Remember that most ready made counterparts require some sort of AU door in order to be reported.) You can easily match up the Counterparts to their Homeworld by looking at the lore of both cards. Remember that they do need to match the universe they're from, for example, Bareil of Borg is not the matching counterpart for Disrupt Alliance.

Another way to bag a Counterpart is to take the fight to the opponent directly. Assimilate Counterpart allows the Borg to target a unique male in play. As long as there is a way to breach the opponents shields, the Borg need only to engage the target in combat (they do not need to win the battle) and place him on an Assimilation Table, pull out a good probe and BOOM! One less personnel for the opponent and 5 points per skill dot on the new addition to the collective.


There a few things to consider when choosing a Homeworld to target.

-There are two Homeworlds that are worth 40 points. This means that the opponent has a chance to steal them. Though you can assimilate them after they are completed, you're still giving the opponent an easy 40 points so consider how many seed slots you can afford to use to protect it.

-There is an upside to the above, if you're behind by 40 points you can easily grab some reinforcements and place them directly into play.


-Is there an affiliation that is popular in your playgroup? Then why not choose the appropriate Homeworld and prevent them from reporting to any outposts for the rest of the game. (This can slow TNG Ferengi down a touch.)

-What other Objectives will you use to win? Assimilate Homeworld requires a Communication (Blue Borg thingy) subcommand icon to execute a successful probe, so ensure that you use other Objectives that also require said icon to increase the probability of a good probe.

-Consider the skills of your matching Counterpart. Data of Borg has Computer Skill x 2, good for the infamous Access Denied combo. Gowron of Borg can initiate battle once per game. Brunt of Borg has INTEGRITY < 4 to get past In The Pale Moonlight and also has Treachery and Greed to walk through Chula: The Game. They are also rife with skills like Diplomacy, Leadership, OFFICER and VIP, all of which are either rare or non-existant in the Borg skill pool.


Now you have chosen your Homeworld/Counterpart combo, you need to consider how to play. There is only one way to download a Counterpart, a self seeded Secret Identity allows you to get one into play easily. This will require you to complete a different Objective first (or at least clear the Dilemmas under it, ready to complete later in the game.) You can also stock multiple copies in your deck to ensure you draw one early, this isn't a bad idea as Counterparts have all three subcommand icons, making them excellent probes. And also remember that you need not have the Counterpart at the Homeworld while you scout, he simply needs to be there when you are ready to probe. Don't forget; please keep your Counterpart alive. Assimilate Homeworld specifies that he is the target as well as the Homeworld so if he dies, the Objective is discarded.


Now the overview is done, I thought it'd be fun to design a deck for virtual format. Before the release of Homefront IV, the Borg required four Objective completions from a combination of Assimilate Planet, Establish Gateway and Assimilate Starship in order to win. This is very slow indeed and guaranteed to lose you the game. Now, the Borg can win a game completing three Objectives. One of them doesn't even require you to scout a location to clear Dilemmas.


Aim of the Deck

To complete Establish Gateway, Assimilate Earth and assimilate an opponents ship for the 100 point win.

Locutus of  Borg

How to Play

They Will Be Coming will provide a free universal report, as does We Are The Borg. Borg Scout Vessels can provide additional ships to add to your arsenal and the 'report with crew' function is immune to It's Only a Game.

How to Draw

The main draw engine is Handshake and can be used for either the first or third function. There are six altogether complete with three Isomagnetic Disintegrators to replenish your draw deck when needed. There is also We Are The Borg for an additional end of turn draw.

The Game

Establish Gateway a location right away. By the time you complete it, you should have Locutus out and ready for Assimilating Earth. If you have Locutus early, you can probe the same turn you scouted via Service the Collective, as Borg normally have to wait a for the next turn (once all Dilemmas are removed from under the mission.) When scouting, use the Borg Queen to bring additional skills when needed. If you need multiple drones in play during one turn, use a handshake to convert one draw into a drone, download it into hand, and report it for free. Any additionals draws for the rest of the turn can be used to download another one directly into play, avoiding the effects of General Quarters. Also remember that Dead End will only 'stop' your away team for one turn. Dilemmas that are placed on top of the mission (Friendly Fire for example) are classed as being encountered and will not affect your probing. Four of Nine can be used to access skills mid-turn if you face any tough walls. Locutus is great combined with Nine of Eleven to give all your Borg OFFICER and Diplomacy, ideal for Dilemmas like Maglock or Gomtuu Shock wave.

Dilemma Strategy

The obvious thing you'll notice is the Kobayashi Maru Scenario-fest. This is combined with tough wall Dilemmas to slow your opponent down while you eat through their Dilemmas. Contingency Plan is key here. If the opponent has four Space missions, place the Edo Probes under two and the Contingency Plans under the other two, that way, it's almost certain they'll hit one. (Even leave the missions With Contingency Plan free of Kobayashis to make them more enticing for the opponent to attempt.) Once a Ship hits the Dilemma, grab all your Eight of Nineteens and Eight of Eighteen and move in for assimilation. If the opponent attacks your scouts, you can beam as many Borg over as you desire for a counter attack.


It might not be a 'Worlds quality' deck, but I reckon this can hold it's own in virtual format. And most of all, have fun (that is the point of the Star Trek: Customizable Card Game, after all.) I'm so happy to see this card printable and accessible to all players, and hope to see some Borg Homeworld decks crop up in the decklists.


Oh, and before I leave you...

Look at that image, just look. Stunning job and it's exactly the image I would've picked for a reprint.

So here is the deck, those of you that have had the misfortune of facing one of my Borg decks will be releived that this is actually quite a simple one for me ;)

See you on Lackey guys and gals...

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Print DecklistCopy Deck

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Mission (6)
32 V1x Espionage Mission
20 V1x Evade Borg Vessel
R1x Explore Dyson Sphere
29 C1x Insurrection
C1x Repair Mission
30 V1x Save Stranded Crew

Seed Deck (30)
1 R2x Ankari "Spirits"
R2x Armus - Skin of Evil
1 V2x Armus: Energy Field
C2x Clan People
2 V2x Contingency Plan
5 V1x Dead End
U2x Edo Probe
3 R 112x Forsaken
7 V1x Friendly Fire
9 V1x Linguistic Legerdemain
17 V 92x Occupational Hazards
93 VP1x Q's Tent: Civil War
10 V1x Temporal Micro-Wormhole
14 V1x Federation Flagship: Recovered
78 VP4x Kobayashi Maru Scenario
23 V1x Service the Collective
17 V1x They Will Be Coming
2 VP1x Tribunal of Q
C1x Establish Gateway

Draw Deck (45)
11 V1x Ablative Armor
12 V1x All-Consuming Evil
17 U3x Isomagnetic Disintegrator
48 VP1x We Are the Borg
6 VP6x Handshake
10 V1x A Change of Plans
32 V3x Borg Queen (Shades of Gray)
17 V3x Borg Queen
51 C1x Eight of Eighteen
C2x Eight of Nineteen
C1x Eighteen of Nineteen
C1x Eleven of Nineteen
P1x Eleven of Seventeen
54 C1x Eleven of Twelve
31 V1x Four of Nine
18 V3x Locutus of Borg
C1x Nine of Eleven
58 C1x Nine of Fifteen
59 C1x Nine of Twelve
62 C1x Seventeen of Eighteen
12 V1x Six of Ninety-Six
33 V1x Six of Seven
63 C1x Six of Twelve
C1x Sixteen of Nineteen
C1x Two of Nineteen
C1x Two of Seventeen
67 C1x Two of Twelve
C3x Borg Scout Vessel
R1x Locutus' Borg Cube

Q-Tent Side Deck (13)
34 VP1x Space-Time Portal
C1x Transwarp Network Gateway
48 VP1x We Are the Borg
14 V1x Intruder Alert!
29 U1x Q the Referee
10 V1x A Change of Plans
R1x Assimilate Homeworld
U1x Assimilate Starship
C1x Eight of Nineteen
C1x Eighteen of Nineteen
C1x Nine of Seventeen
12 V1x Six of Ninety-Six
U1x Borg Cube

Q the Referee Side Deck (13)
2 V1x Temporal Vortex
17 V1x General Quarters
8 V1x Villagers With Torches
20 V1x You Are a Monument
10 V1x Containment Field
13 V1x In the Zone
14 V1x Intruder Alert!
15 V1x It's Only a Game
16 V1x Obelisk of Masaka
18 V1x Q the Referee
25 V1x Scorched Hand
26 V1x The Juggler
27 V1x The Wake of the Borg

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