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Applications to Run a 2013/14 WCT League are Now Being Accepted

by James Hoskin, Director of Organized Play

2nd September 2013

A new season of the WCT Leagues begins on Tuesday, October 1st; and will run for six months, ending in March 2014.

What are WCT Leagues?

WCT Leagues are designed to provide continuous play during the off-championship months of October through March. They are meant to be fun and to encourage diverse deck design.

League events are run exactly like regular tournaments. The only difference being that they also have their own scoring system. League points are awarded based on where you finish at a tournament, as well as how many players participated at that tournament. League directors also have the option of using a number of bonus point schemes, awarding bonus points for things like using a different headquarters in each event and being the first player in a league to complete a particular mission.

As with last year, the league season is split into three parts: The first half comprises four events held during October and November. The second half comprises four events held during December and January; and the playoffs comprise four events held during February and March. The top finishing players in the first half join the top finishing players in the second half to participate in the playoffs, where the champion of the league is determined.

More information on WCT leagues can be found in Section 11 of the Organized Play Guide (PDF), and questions can be asked in the WCT Leagues forum.

Applications to run a WCT League are now being accepted

Whether you are one of the 23 existing league directors who wants to renew your WCT League from last season, or you want to become a new league director and start a new WCT League in your area, all league directors must apply for the 2013/14 season.

Anyone can apply to become a WCT League director. All we ask is that your play group can manage twelve sanctioned tournaments in the six month period from October 2013 to March 2014 (inclusive). That works out at one tournament every two weeks.

A WCT League can consist of only First Edition tournaments, only Second Edition tournaments or only Tribbles tournaments; or a mixture of tournaments from any of the three games.

If you would like to play in a WCT League, why not ask your local tournament organizer to apply? If you don't have a local tournament organizer, but you do have at least three friends to play with, why not apply yourself?

How to Apply

To apply to run a league in the 2013/14 WCT league season, please send a private message to RedDwarf with the following information

Once we have begun to set this season's league up, they will appear in the league hub of the tournament area on this website. When your league appears listed there, it is good to go!

That's all it takes! If you have questions, please post them in the WCT League forum, or ask me directly, via private message.

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