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Second Edition Errata Update for September

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

2nd September 2013

On Monday, September 2nd, 2013, the Second Edition Design Team has released an updated Errata Document. As always, these errata take effect immediately. CRD and Errata updates are usually made on the first Monday of each month.

The Errata document is available for download via the link on the front page, or directly via https://www.trekcc.org/op/ST2EErrata.pdf. Five (5) cards were updated this month, adding three (3) cards to the printable pool. These changes have been made to eliminate unintended and undesirable interactions, update them to current templating, and as part of a project to address power concerns in the game as a whole:

Guidance of the Council
An additional cost of destroying the event has been added to this event; otherwise, the card functions identically to its previous version. Mass and repeatable downloading is a problem in Second Edition and this card is one of the most powerful offenders, necessitating a change.

Hindrance -
Again, the original function of this event has been preserved, and only the requirement of destroying the event has been added via errata.

Quintessence -
This card, originally from Reflections 2.0, has been updated to destroy itself as part of its cost and been made unique. Much like with Guidance of the Council, this card was identified for errata because its one of the most powerful repeatable download cards.

Fifth (Neonatal Drone) -
The personnel has been updated so that her ability is a triggered ability when she is played, and not a repeatable Order. Instead of eliminating the ability to recover cards from Decay events (which Design does like), the scope of the ability was limited. As a thematic bonus, she now has an ability with identical timing to her "siblings."

Nathan Samuels (Earth Minister) -
This personnel has been updated to have a similar template as Guinan (Battleship Bartender), limiting the power of his ability. Even though the ability to play an unlimited number of non-Human [SF] personnel has been removed with this errata, he has gotten a subtle increase in power: his ability works at any mission.

The Second Edition Design Team is scheduled to release an update to the Errata Document on the first Monday of each month. These errata are effective immediately.

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