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Raffle Bins Closing!

by Dan Hamman, Shipping Manager

18th September 2013

As we draw to the end of another quarter, it is time to prepare for the Raffle! 

The bins for the 3rd 2013 Quarterly Raffle will close on September 30th. That means you must place any tickets into bins before Monday the 30th. If you are the type to wait until the last possible moment, I wouln't recommend holding on to those tickets past Sunday afternoon!

Here are some interesting notes so far:
83 community members have placed a total of 770 tickets in the system.
236 people are still holding on to a total of 1735 tickets. (What are you waiting for?!?)

When the bins close, the Live Draw items will immediately become visible. These are the bins I'll be giving out to folks in the chat room on October 5th, starting at 7am Pacific. And once again, I'll be streaming video over the Continuing Committee's Youtube Channel. The show should go on for about 45 minutes.

Good luck, and we'll see you on the 5th of October!

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