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2013 Period of Review - Live Discussions w/Q&A Sessions

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

7th October 2013

Since the creation of The Continuing Committee, we have always held a brief Period of Review after the World Championship of each year. These reviews would allow the community to express their comments, concerns and suggestions and allow the organization to look back at itself over the past year, and make adjustments for the future. While this has been a valuable process, it's never been terribly efficient or effective.

Our goal for our next five years is to constantly improve, and to embrace new technology and new ways to communicate and hold ourselves accountable to the community we serve. To that end, we have decided to kick off our Period of Review with a four-part series of Google Hangouts. Each live discussion will be focused around a specific topic and will feature members of the relevant departments discussing the past year, their plans for the next year, and taking questions from all of you!

Here is the schedule of events and the tentative list of attendees. We will update this list as more people lock in their attendance to make sure the roster is well maintained:

Period of Review: First Edition

Period of Review: Organized Play
Sunday, November 3, 2013 - 12 PM Pacific
The second panel will include Director of Organized Play James Hoskin [Red Dwarf], North American Continental Coordinator David Kuck [ikeya], European Continental Coordinator Thomas Schneider [thsch] and others as we talk about the happenings in Organized Play in 2013 and plans for our large events in the future.

Period of Review: Second Edition
Sunday, November 10, 2013 - 2 PM Pacific
The third panel will focus on Second Edition over the past year and will pay special attention to plans for the game's future. Our guests will include 2E Brand Manager Nick Yankovec [nickyank] as well as veteran 2E Designer Charlie Plaine [MidnightLich]. Topics will include tightening up our timetables for expansion releases, details on the plans for Phase II, and more.

Period of Review: The Continuing Committee
Saturday, November 23, 2013 - 9 AM Pacific
The final panel will cover the remainder of The Continuing Committee and will focus on the organizations highs and lows in 2013, as well as on plans for the future. Our guests will include Chairman Charlie Plaine [MidnightLich], Vice Chairman Neil Timmons [ntimmons], Art Director Johnny Holeva [jjh], Chief Programmer Chris Lobban [Maelwys] and more as we host this live discussion and Q&A session.

As we get closer to the dates of each panel, we will open up discussion threads on our forums to allow you to suggest topics, ask questions, and share your thoughts with us both before and after the discussions. The panels will be broadcast live via Google Hangout, and will then be archived for later viewing on our YouTube channel.

In addition to taking questions live from the Trekcc.org Chat Room, we will be taking questions from our Twitter and Facebook pages to make sure everyone that wants to be involved will have a way to communicate with us. It is our hope that these live Hangouts will begin to transform the Period of Review from a stale formality to a living, thriving process that will provoke real communication and inspire new levels of confidence and accountability within the community and the organization.

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