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Make it So 2013 Begins November 8th

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

24th October 2013

Make it So: The Search for the Next Assistant Designer is The Continuing Committe's reality show style competition. After competing in a series of challenges designed to teach and practice design principles, the winner will earn a position as an assistant designer for an upcoming virtual expansion. As previously announced, the 2013 edition of Make it So will focus entirely on First Edition. Today, we're proud to announce the details of this year's competition!

Make it So

The Roster
A total of eighteen (18) applications for this year's competition were received. After an exhaustive and painstaking review, the panel of judges has selected a roster of nine (9) contestants to take place in this year's competition:

#ContestantForum NameLocation
1Stephen G.Zef'noUnited Kingdom
2Philip H.VeradCentral Time Zone
3Adam HegartyChewieAustralia
4James HeaneyBCSWowbaggerUnited States
5James MonsebrotenOrbinCanada
6Michael MoskopComicbookheroUnited States
7Sean O'ReillyJonoUnited States
8Paddy TyeKazonPADDUnited Kingdom
9David Wong-FaullDogbertUnited States

In addition, we have selected two (2) alternates that will be able to join the competition in the event that one of the above contestants is unable to continue. Our alternates are Daniel Matteson (OKCoyote) and Matthew Hayes (karonofborg13). You can find out more about all of our contestants on the Make it So section of the website.

The Judges
In this year's competition, we have two (2) judges that will be judging every competition: Jordan Leung (FrakkinPhoenix), our current First Edition Brand Manager, and Dan Hamman (SirDan), a veteran of the First Edition design team. Their votes and scores, in addition to that of the community, will be factored into every competition.

In addition to these permanent judges and the community vote, we will have a rotating panel of guest judges, including current First Edition Rules Manager Jon Carter (pfti), First Edition Creative Manager David Runyon (superdave), and First Edition designers Warren G. (arcadian), Allen Gould (AllenGould), Corbin Johnson (Corbinq27) and Charlie Plaine (MidnightLich). In addition, when needed, a "virtual" judge known only as the Artifical Intelligence that will participate as needed and focus on proper templating and procedure.

Tribunal of Q

Judges will be looking at a variety of factors when reviewing cards, including their implementation, creativity, and their appropriateness to the challenge. Each card will be scored from a 1 (low) to a 10 (high) for each challenges, and comments will be provided explaining what works and what doesn't work with each card as appropriate. Members of the community will vote similarly and have the same opportunity to comment.

The Challenges
There will be three (3) phases in this year's competition, similar to last year. Phase I will consist of four (4) individual challenges based around teaching design fundamentals. Each challenge will see the contestants create a small number of cards to demonstrate their understanding of the appropriate principles. Contestants will have the opportunity to ask questions and critique each others submissions (if they wish to participate), but each contestant will receive their own score.

In Phase II, contestants will be grouped by the judges into teams of three (3) and the challenges will become more detailed and focus on execution of principles, though there will be a continued emphasis on education and training. Judging will be similar, but there will also be an extra component based on how the cards relate to and interact with each other. The teams will succeed and fail together, and each member will have the team score added to their own.

But what about eliminations? We are proud to confirm that, unlike previous years, there will be no eliminations prior to the Final Challenge. All nine (9) contestants will compete in each challenge during Phases I and II. Phase III will be the Final Challenge, and will see the top two scoring contestants recruit their own design teams and build a fifteen (15) card boutique style expansion. The lead designer of the winning expansion will be declared the victor and join the First Edition design team!

The Schedule
New challenges and results will post on Fridays, starting with the first challenge of Phase I on Friday, November 8, 2013. After each challenge is due (typically on Wednesday), the submissions will be posted and judging will take place over the next week. At the same time the results are posted for the previous challenge, the subsequent challenge is posted as well. Here is a tentative schedule for Phase I (subject to change):

8th: Challenge #1 Posted
13th: Challenge #1 Submissions Due
22nd: Challenge #1 Results & Challenge #2 Posted
27th: Challenge #2 Submission Due

6th: Challenge #2 Results & Challenge #3 Posted
11th: Challenge #3 Submissions Due
20th: Challenge #3 Results Posted

3rd: Challenge #4 Posted
8th: Challenge #4 Submissions Due
17th: Challenge #4 Results Posted

We're excited to bring you the third incarnation of Make it So. We'd like to extend our thanks to all the applications that took the time to send submissions. It was a difficult process to review all of the cards submitted and agonizing to select only nine (9) of you to participate. Many thanks to everyone that expressed a desire to compete in Make it So!

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