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2013 World Championships Global Side-Events Challenge Winners

by James Hoskin, Director of Organized Play

5th November 2013

A now annual part of the World Championships is the Global Side-Events Challenge for players that cannot participate in the World Championships. Anyone winning a tournament held while the World Championships are underway is eligible to win one of five sets of the World Championships promos.

First Edition
Elim (2013 World Championships Promo)
Second Edition
Elim Garak (2013 World Championships Promo)
100,000 Tribbles - Replay (2013 World Championships Promo)

This year, 42 sanctioned tournaments were held outside of Frankfurt, Germany between the 18th and 21st of October, and 29 different players were victorious. Special mention goes to Plumblee (Plumblee), who won five tournaments; and Matthew Hayes (karonofborg13), who won four tournaments.

Yesterday, the five winners were randomly selected by a member of the public in the chat room. The following players can expect to receive their set of three 2013 World Championships Promos in the mail shortly. Congratulations to:

Jeremy Huth (9of24)
Steve Hartmann (chompers)
Richard DeLashmit (benericardus)
Joel Skon (RedAlucard)
Richard Joakimson Sr. (FutureEnterprise)

Thank you to everyone that participated, and commiserations if you weren't one of the lucky five. Better luck next year!

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