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Alliance for Global Unity

by Matthew Zinno, Staff Writer

5th December 2013

Like the Cardassians, the Bajoran affiliation gets new draw and play engines in this expansion. To use the ones in this deck, though, you need to be playing only Bajorans from Deep Space Nine -- no one else!

Alliance for Global Unity Thematically, the foundation of this deck is Alliance for Global Unity. This is one of the new "Reactor Core" cards, downloaded when you seed Reshape the Quadrant, and keying off its new [DS9] icon. Before I mention the benefits of this card, let me jump to the restriction at the end: you have to be only using [Baj] personnel cards (and possibly some support from [NA] and [Neu]), or else this card will be discarded, and you lose all the benefits.

The first of those benefits is a free play engine: personnel with "the Circle" in their lore play for free. There are a number of these that exist in the game already, most of which (Jaro Essa, General Krim, and Colonel Day) are being reprinted in the supplemental set. There are also four new Circle personnel in Emissary, three of whom are universal.

All those personnel can report for free in the Bajor region, adding to existing free-report abilities for DS9 Bajorans such as Chamber of Ministers and Quark's Bar, and giving the [DS9] Bajorans even better skill diversity within their free plays. (The most popular Bajoran free-report card, Bajoran Resistance Cell, cannot stack with this new one, because Resistance gets removed from all your personnel. I guess the Bajoran Resistance was so successful in throwing off the Cardassian oppressors, their power has just become obsolete.)

Besides the free plays, the card gives a further benefit when you solve a mission: you can download any of several helpful Bajoran cards. One option is Bajoran Civil War, which itself can either download universal personnel, or allow Bajorans to attack other Bajorans. Another is any HQ card ... perhaps that might be HQ: War Room to boost your attributes; HQ: Secure Homeworld to allow you to attempt the homeworld; or maybe, since this is a Bajoran deck, HQ: Return Orb to Bajor! Another option is a new draw engine, Bajor for Bajorans, which has a further restriction of really using only [Baj] personnel -- not even [NA] support. Finally, if what you really need is just a particular [DS9] [Baj] personnel, you can download them to the solved mission.


Like Bajoran decks of old, this deck uses all 5 missions from the Bajor region. They get seeded next to each other, easy to reach, and some Bajoran ships even get range bonuses within a region. The 6th mission is Orb Negotiations, which is so easy for the Bajorans to solve. Also on the spaceline is the Bajoran Wormhole, downloaded in the seed phase by The First Stable Wormhole.

Bajor for Bajorans There are two facilities. The Chamber of Ministers seeds on Bajor, and lets Kais, Vedeks, and Ministers report for free. Deep Space 9 can seed anywhere in the region; you might put it at Bajor (which would make it very easy to commute between the two facilities, taking no range), but I'm likely to put it next door, at a space mission (usually Characterize Neutrino Emissions) to take advantage of the Science Lab. Putting it at the Wormhole is an option that can take advantage of the relocation text on The Celestial Temple (a new card that has its own article being released today)... but then having any ships there will nullify its card draw because of the combined WEAPONS.

For sites, I've used the Science Lab for its scanning, the Bajoran Shrine plus Promenade Shops and Guest Quarters for their card manipulation, Docking Ports for its free reports, and Quark's Bar for its reports and for Dabo. I didn't include Ops, which means you can't spend your card play to download needed personnel ... but doing so would have cost you all those extra card draws anyway. No Ops also means that the opponent can't commandeer (unless they seeded Ops themselves).

There are no Bajoran (or even [DS9] [NA]) mission specialists, but Defend Homeworld can get Kira Nerys to activate The Celestial Temple, and Assign Support Personnel might get Vedek Sorad to activate the Bajoran Shrine. (Alternately, you might save it for someone else like Weld Ram, since Sorad is capable of reporting for free.)

Play engines, as mentioned, include Alliance for Global Unity, Chamber of Ministers, and Quark's Bar. Draw engines include Bajor for Bajorans, The Celestial Temple, and a few copies of Renewal Scroll (along with the new personnel who can download it). Renewal Scroll will get more cards into the discard pile, but Shrine can get them back if you need them, and Dabo can use them if you don't.

For dilemma combos, I've brainstormed a few around new cards in the set. Except for the first one, each has a structure of filtering, then requiring, one particular skill or some other characteristic.

[S/P] Ferengi Ingenuity / No Loose Ends / Difficult Disposal [S/P] Forsaken / Back Room Dealings / In the Pale Moonlight

[P] Talosian Cage / Socializing with the Staff / Matriarchal Society [P] Picking Up the Pieces / Microbrain / Encased in Crystal

[S] The Arsenal: Divided / More of Your Kind / Ankari Spirits [S] Precision Piloting / Magnetic Field Disruptions / Navigational Hazards

The basic design of the deck doesn't need a lot of seeds. I've left room for you to add your favorites!

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This deck is legal in the following Card Pools:

This deck is legal in the following Rules Sets:

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Mission (6)
4 V1x Acquire Illicit Explosives
29 V1x Alter Records
S1x Characterize Neutrino Emissions
35 V1x Orb Negotiations
S1x Refuse Immigration
S1x Relocate Settlers

Seed Deck (28)
R1x Orb of Prophecy and Change
1 R1x Ankari "Spirits"
1 V1x Back Room Dealings
4 V1x Difficult Disposal
5 V1x Encased in Crystal
U1x Ferengi Ingenuity
5 V1x Forsaken
U1x In the Pale Moonlight
8 V1x Magnetic Field Disruptions
U1x Matriarchal Society
9 V1x Microbrain
9 V1x More of Your Kind
C1x Navigational Hazards
R1x No Loose Ends
13 V1x Picking Up the Pieces
10 V1x Precision Piloting
12 V1x Socializing with the Staff
9 U1x Talosian Cage
7 V1x The Arsenal: Divided
34 VP1x Space-Time Portal
15 V1x The First Stable Wormhole
19 V1x Chamber of Ministers
38 VP1x Deep Space 9
9 V1x Access Denied
30 V1x Reshape the Quadrant
26 V1x Assign Support Personnel
28 V1x Defend Homeworld
Time Location
81 V1x The Celestial Temple

Site (6)
114 U1x Bajoran Shrine
C1x Docking Ports
U1x Guest Quarters
U1x Promenade Shops
R1x Quark's Bar
U1x Science Lab

Draw Deck (38)
16 V1x Bajor for Bajorans
14 V3x Renewal Scroll
20 V1x Shipwright
21 V1x Alliance for Global Unity
C1x Dabo
U1x Hidden Fighter
R1x HQ: Return Orb to Bajor
30 V1x HQ: Secure Homeworld
34 V1x Bareil Antos
39 V1x Beyor
35 V1x Colonel Day
36 V1x General Krim
37 V1x Jaro Essa
R1x Kai Opaka
R1x Kira Nerys
44 V1x Kira Taban
38 V1x Minister Rozahn
45 V1x Minister Toran
46 V2x Murjo
R1x Odo
26 VP1x Solbor
R1x Surmak Ren
P1x Vedek Dax
39 V3x Vedek Sorad
C1x Weld Ram
41 V1x Deputy Quark
R1x Leeta
4 V1x Rom
75 V1x Assault Vessel
C2x Bajoran Freighter
100 U2x Bajoran Raider

"outside the game" (2)
12 V2x Bajoran Wormhole

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