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Spotlight Contest: Acquisition Now!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

26th May 2008

A true Ferengi knows how to smell profit - they can sense the way the wind is blowing and position themselves to be standing where they can catch the most latinum. But more than that - the Ferengi are experts at hiding the truth and discovering opportunity where there was none before. How good are you at finding the hidden treasures in life?

In this week's contest, you're going to need to test your lobes and go on a good old fashioned scavanger hunt. Below you'll find ten (10) clues, each of which will lead you to the location of a hidden bar of gold-pressed latinum. If you can find all ten (10) bars, then you just might find yourself on the receiving end of a Tragic Turn foil.

Here are the ten (10) clues:

1. It's who he is. It's what he does. He's a businessman.
2. On this card, Quark might say he was the "focus of the moment". So to speak.
3. A talking piece of equipment.
4. A dangerous mission.
5. A Chairman's bio and introduction.
6. A Forrested Planet in the Gamma Quadrant.
7. A virtual representation of an enclosed space where we can exchange text-based communications.
8. A soiled shirt and a completed transaction.
9. The article that started it all.
10. Finished last.

To enter, you'll need to send in the location of each of the bars of gold-pressed latinum in an email to contests@trekcc.org, along with your real name and your email address.

Your entry might look like this:

Charlie Plaine

1) Location #1
2) Location #2

Your entries must be received at contests@trekcc.org before MIDNIGHT (server time) on SATURDAY, MAY 31st. Please, only one entry per person. Two participants that send in the correct locations will receive a Tragic Turn foil (or, if nobody gets all ten, then the selection will be at random from all participants.)

Best of luck!

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