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Make it So Challenge #2 Results

by Charlie Plaine, Make it So Host

6th December 2013

The second challenge, Equippable, tasked each of our challengers to create an equipment card. As the results and feedback will show, this is a very difficult challenge. Equipment is probably one of the most difficult card types to design mechanically. In general, it's easy to find creative elements for an equipment, but difficult to match those to appropriate mechanical test. This is especially true in the modern era when we have a lot more rules about what can (and can't) be an equipment card. Let's see how the contestants did:

As before, Allen Gould (AllenGould) has agreed to substitute for Jordan Leung. Here are the results from this challenge:

Place Card Designer Public Score Dan's Score Allen's Score Total Score
1 Mark X Tricorder Stephen G. (Zef'no) 5.79 9 8 22.79
2 Isolinear Chip Sean O'Reilly (Jono) 5.14 8 8 21.14
3 Comm Badge Adam Hegarty (Chewie) 5.53 8.5 7 21.03
4 Remote Controlled "Brain" James Monsebroten (Orbin) 5.49 6.5 8 19.99
5 Lucky Charm Philip H. (Verad) 5.23 7 6 18.23
6 Hairpin James Heaney (BCSWowbagger) 4.97 6 5 15.97
7 Odo's Bucket Michael Moskop (Comicbookhero) 4.83 5.5 4 14.33
8 Crawlspace "Key" David Wong-Faull (Dogbert) 4.31 4.5 4 12.81
9 Akoonah Paddy Tye (KazonPADD) 4.51 3 4 11.51

For detailed results, check out the Challenges page of the Make it So subsite. You can find a breakdown of the public votes for each card, as well as all of the comments from the judges and those from the public.

With multiple challenge results, we can start to look at an overall leaderboard for this competition. Here are the standings after the first two (2) individual challenges:

Place Designer Challenge #1 Score Challenge #2 Score Total Score
1 Adam Hegarty (Chewie) 23.72 21.03 44.75
2 Stephen G. (Zef'no) 21.66 22.79 44.45
3 James Monsebroten (Orbin) 17.63 19.99 37.62
4 Sean O'Reilly (Jono) 16.19 21.14 37.33
5 Philip H. (Verad) 18.84 18.23 37.07
6 Michael Moskop (Combicbookhero) 21.64 14.33 35.97
7 James Heaney (BCSWowbagger) 18.25 15.97 34.22
8 Paddy Tye (KazonPADD) 19.47 11.51 30.98
9 David Wong-Faull (Dogbert) 17.78 12.81 30.59

Official Make it So statistician Chris Lobban (Maelwys) did some number crunching and sent the following data, which we are sharing with you:

Mean: 4.51
Median: 4
Mode: 1
Received every possible grade at least once, including two 10s and a record-setting six 1s. This card is notable in having the furthest spread between the Mode and Mean averages, indicating that although it received a lot of 1s, overall a lot of people marked it higher than that, pulling up the Mean significantly.

Comm Badge
Mean: 5.53
Median: 5
Mode: 5
Received every possible grade at least once, except a perfect 10.

Crawlspace "Key"
Mean: 4.3
Median: 3
Mode: 2
Did not receive any 9s, but did receive a record-setting ten 2s. This card is also notable in having the furthest spread between the Median and Mean averages, indicating that although half of it's marks were extremely low (1-3), it also received a fair number of higher marks to pull up the mean.

Mean: 4.97
Median: 5
Mode: 7
Received every possible grade at least once, except a perfect 10.

Isolinear Chip
Mean: 5.14
Median: 5
Mode: 5
Received every possible grade at least once, including a record-setting eleven 5s, this card was apparently the definition of "average" in this challenge, with all three averages being at or near 5.

Lucky Charm
Mean: 5.23
Median: 5
Mode: 4
Received every possible grade at least once, including a record-setting seven 4s, this card was just below the definition of "average" in this challenge.

Mark X Tricorder
Mean: 5.8
Median: 6
Mode: 7
Did not receive any 2s, but did receive a record-setting 5 eights, making this the best received card of this challenge.

Odo's Bucket
Mean: 4.8
Median: 4
Mode: 2
Receiving no more than six of any single rating (and at least two every rating except an 8), this card obviously got a mixed reception.

Remote Controlled "Brain"
Mean: 5.49
Median: 5
Mode: 5
With a record-setting eight 7s, and at least one of every grade except a 4, this card managed to hold on to 3rd place with slightly above average scores.

Overall Comments
Finally, the public was given the opportunity to offer any comments on the challenge and the submissions overall. Those appear here, unedited:

Thank you to everyone who participated in voting for this first challenge of Make it So! Join the discussion of this challenge and the results on our forums, and follow along for more details on the second and subsequent challenges!

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