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Make It So Challenge #2: Vote Now

by Charlie Plaine, Make it So Host

29th November 2013

The second challenge for Make It So 2013 is now in the bag, and now we need your votes! In Challenge #2: Equippable, the contestants were tasked with designing pieces of equipment. A week later, and we have nine (9) equipment cards for you to review, critique, and judge. Your votes will help determine the winner, and who will be The Next First Edition Assistant Designer!

Here are the submissions: Make It So 2013 - Challenge #2 - Submissions

A few things to note before you judge and comment on these cards:

1. The Template
We've used our card design software, Utopia Planetia, to approximate the cards on the templates. However, the designers themselves don't have direct access to the software at this stage, and the software can be a bit off on the templates. Don't judge cards too harshly, especially in this first challenge, if they spill a word or two over the template. Those kind of things will almost always not happen when the final version is built.

2. This is a Design Competition
Though many of our contestants have submitted lore, not all have - and that's okay. For design purposes, lore is only required when it is gameplay relevant. Please keep in mind that this is a design competition and not including something that isn't related to card design shouldn't be penalized. However, including lore makes it a valid target for consideration, and not including gameplay relevant lore is also a problem.

With that said, it's time to vote. First note: Judges, contestants, and alternates may NOT vote in this survey. Though the survey is open to everyone, any judge, contestant, or alternate that votes will be disqualified from the competition. Everyone else, including designers, testers, and inactive guest judges are encouraged to vote below. Second note: voting is open until 11:30 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, December 4th. After that time, voting will be closed so that the results can be calculated and posted on Friday.

And that's that! Take a look at the equipment submitted and then vote using the survey below. And don't forget to join the discussion on the Make It So forum and help argue for your favorite equipment!

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